Hulk® Products

At Mainetec, we have always believed innovation is key to the future of mining and our business. We recognised that, typically, buckets have been built the same way for the last thirty plus years. We wanted to challenge this, with an idea to design and produce a safer and more cost-effective product.

After more than two years of intensive research and development, Mainetec has developed and launched the ground-breaking Hulk® excavator bucket range.

The philosophy is simple: More Dirt Less Steel”, and we have been able to achieve this by reducing the Bucket Efficiency Ratio of Steel versus Payload through an enhanced design, similar to dragline buckets.

By using Finite Element Analysis side by side with the new Hulk® Bucket design, we have proved that through innovation we can supply a larger, Linerless bucket that optimizes production.

The bucket is available in various sizes for all OEM backhoe type machines.  To complement your purchase, we can also supply our innovative Terminator® lip, GET and locking system, together with Mainetec excavator hardware.


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