Mainetec provide global engineering, design and fabrication solutions by constantly challenging market expectations.

Mainetec look through the eyes of their clients at every stage of design, revolutionizing the industry with products that stand the test of time and surpass all other alternatives. Mainetec’s footprint stretches across the Nation and has two major workshops located in Mackay, QLD and Perth, WA.

Mainetec’s continuous improvement philosophy is the foundation to everything we do. Rigorous monitoring occurs at every stage of Mainetec’s design and production from the smallest details to the largest innovations. This constant evolution of processes and products drives advancements in safety, cost efficiency and productivity for clients and has gained us a reputation as industry leaders.


Mainetec are the drivers of Innovation and unrivalled when it comes to their level of detail. Their continuous forward-thinking approach instills clients with a trust that they are receiving the absolute premium solution existing in the industry. Mainetec analyse problems beyond their symptoms to improve, not only the product, but every aspect of its purpose.


Mainetec are committed to providing world class solutions for their clients. Quality assurance tests are implemented throughout the design and build process to ensure quality is maintained at the highest standard, at all times. Even the smallest screw is quality tested to ensure each and every part of the bigger picture is able to contribute to the outstanding final product. The Mainetec experience doesn’t finish at the completion of an installation. The quality of service that Mainetec upholds is second to none, and carries on beyond the purchase stage.


Mainetec sets the standard for Safety in the Industry with an unwavering focus to ensure that your workers are sent home safe at the end of their shift. The detail in their thinking extends to add-on products that assist in the overall safety and ease of use for the end user of each innovation. Every aspect of each innovation is considered by Mainetec so that safety is upheld to the highest degree.


Mainetec use their strategic thinking to plan for the long term through the eyes of their clients. Mainetec innovations are proven to increase productivity, improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, reduce inventory costs and reduce total cost of ownership of client assets.



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