Clermont Mine Train Load Out Chutes

As part of Glencore Clermont Coal’s train load out shutdown in March 2017, Mainetec completed the refurbishment of the load and boot chutes at their Mackay workshop.

Timeframe and outcomes

We were given a maximum turnaround of 8 weeks to fit the shutdown timeframe.  In the event the fitment of the chutes was deferred until after the shut which was rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions.  The client has started fitment of the chutes with all parts fitted together without issues or rework.


“Just a follow up regarding the chutes Mainetec produced for conveyors BC305, BC306 and BC412 recently.  Jacob’s engineers were out here yesterday and we took a look at all the parts fabricated.  I know I mentioned it previously, but just wanted to say everyone was impressed with the quality of work on these chutes.”

Brent Carlson, Mechanical Engineer, Clermont Open Cut Mine


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