Refurbishment of CAT6060 Backhoe Stick (RH340)

The project was to carry out a strip and assessment, draft an accurate and detailed scope of works, and carry out a major overhaul on the backhoe stick with the aim of restoring the component back to new condition to gain another service life for the client.

Our particular challenge was to turn the refurbishment around to meet a set deadline in order to align with the client’s planned shutdown works.


To reduce cracking, and so improve service life, upgraded components were fitted to the stick during the rebuild.


Timeframe and outcomes

From approval the rebuild was completed in 12 weeks.  The job was completed without any incidents or hold points, and delivered within the deadlines set.


“I found Mainetec to be an excellent company to deal with through the extensive repair of the 6060 Stick.  This stick was not a straightforward repair with a large amount of structural damage.  All my concerns were put to rest by Mainetec’s professional and experienced knowledge in large fabrication repairs.  This job was scoped and quoted with excellent detail and accuracy which followed the job through the repair without any incidents or variations.  Thankyou for providing a very professional service and making this repair seamless”

Cameron Kennedy, Speciality Repairable and Warranties, BHP Billiton


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