Dipper Service Life Improvements

Client: Glencore
Site: Hail Creek Mine
Project: Dipper Service Life Improvements
 Description: Extending Dipper fitment time to reduce the require number of rebuilds per year & reducing the cost of servicing the dippers throughout the year.
Purpose Identifying wear area’s of the dipper and door components that had been a limiter of dipper service life, Mainetec’s up-grades to the pinning systems and door trip systems where utilised to meet the service life improvements. Internal dipper wear packages for the dipper floor and dutchman where improved also to improve service to meet the objective of 12month plus service life.
Timeframe 5 year project.
Boundaries/ Obstacles Stay within the current structural design of the current dippers and door for minimal modifications
People involved Hail Creek Off-site Repairs Co-ordinator & Mainetec
Particular innovation Mainetec Static Door Pin Up-grade & iTrip Dipper Door Tripping system.
Success Through using the Mainetec static pinning systems and iTrip door tripping system when have extended service life well beyond 12months with life improvements from the last five years improved by 97%.


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