Supply PTAW Load Stars


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Supply PTAW Load Stars

Short Description

Apply Tungsten nickel overlay using the PTAW process to extend the components time in service and reduce required change outs per year.

Long Description

Mainetec applied PTAW to the load stars to increase the service life of the components. During service life the load stars are changed out due to the wear, which decreases the components performance. By applying Tungsten nickel overlay with the PTAW process Mainetec are able to increase the service life on average 3 times vs that of a load star without the overlay.


 To reduce maintenance and operational cost by applying Tungsten Nickle overlay using the PTAW process to the load star.


 2 weeks to supply 10 x Left hand and 10 x Right hand load stars with PTAW

Boundaries/ Obstacles

Maintain overall geometry of the OEM load star and apply the Tungsten Nickle overlay to the high wearing areas, this is achieved by redesigning the OEM load start to enable the overlay to be applied.

People involved


  • The Client
  • Mainetec’s Site Service & Sales Team.
  • Mainetec’s Drafting and Design Team.
  • Mainetec’s Estimators.
  • Mainetec’s Production Team and PTAW specialised operators.

Particular innovation

Redesigning an OEM part to increase service life with the use of an advanced welding process.


The new redesigned component is much safer due to less required replacements during the service life of the machine as well as increased productively and less maintenance cost.


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